MYR Pharmaceuticals — Treatment of HBV & HDV Infections

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IndicationsChronic hepatitis Delta

Hepatitis delta is the most severe form of viral hepatitis. It is caused by HDV, a small RNA virus, which requires helper functions from HBV for virion assembly and propagation, and uses the HBV envelope for virus release and infection of new cells. About 5% of chronically HBV infected are co-infected with HDV. 

The presence of HDV is associated with more severe and rapid progression of liver disease than HBV infection alone. Liver cirrhosis and decompensation occur earlier and more frequently in course of HBV/HDV co-infection than in HBV mono-infection. 

The therapeutic options for HDV co-infected patients are very limited, since antiviral agents active against HBV do not work against HDV. Therefore, MYR targets with Bulevirtide an indication with a high unmet medical need.