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MYR GmbH company officeMYR GmbH is focused on development of Myrcludex B, a first-in-class drug for treatment of chronic hepatitis B (HBV) and chronic hepatitis delta (HDV) infection. Myrcludex B inhibits the essential HBV receptor and prevents spread of HBV in the liver. HDV is using HBV envelope to infect liver cells and may be targeted by Myrcludex B either. The product has a landscape-changing potential in both indications.

Recently, a Phase 2a clinical trial in chronic hepatitis B has been completed, and a pilot trial in HDV infection is ongoing, showing compeling clinical efficacy and good safety profile. The goal of the development is to change treatment standards in chronic HBV infection by using Myrcludex B in combination with approved drugs to reach HBV cure. Myrcludex will also be further developed in HDV infection, where no approved treatment options exist.

The company is based in Burgwedel (Germany), started operations in 2011 and is supported by venture capital investors High-Tech-Gruenderfonds and Maxwell Biotech Fund. The technology was licensed from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and INSERM (France) and represents one the most clinically advanced novel approaches for treatment of HBV.