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MYR GmbH is focused on development of Myrcludex B, a first-in-class drug for treatment of chronic hepatitis B (HBV) and chronic hepatitis delta (HDV) infection. Myrcludex B inhibits the essential HBV receptor and prevents spread of HBV in the liver. HDV is using HBV envelope to infect liver cells and may be targeted by Myrcludex B either. The product has a landscape-changing potential in both indications. More...



Dr. Alexander Alexandov: CEO/CMO

Dr. Jörn Möller: CFO

Clinical Advisory Board

Chairman: Heiner Wedemeyer, Professor and Senior Physician, Department of Hepatology, Hannover Medical School

Geoffrey Dusheiko, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, UCL Institute of Liver and Digestive Health

Stephen Locarnini, Professor and Head of Research & Molecular Development, Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory More...